Safe squad by Lincoln 6L

This morning, year 6 went to Safe Squad in Hyde. The first activity we did was digital safety and they told us about how to stay safe on online games no social media. They also told us about grooming and how serious it can become. The second activity we did was to watch all the crimes no dangers you can encounter out on the streets and in public. We found out that there is multiple dangers that can happen in the streets there is ; anti-social behaviour, hate crime, bullying, disrespect and homophobic language. The third activity we did was looking out for hazards in the bedroom that can cause fires. We looked around to see any hazards that can damage and burn things in your house. The last activity was to do CPR to save a life. First be we check for a response,then we tilt their head and lift their chin up to open their air ways. Then we call 999 to get some help. Last but not least we put our hands in the middle of the chest and push down until someone arrives to help or when you can’t go on any longer. We all enjoyed the trip and found it very helpful and interesting.


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