Safe Squad by Ruby 6L

This morning,we went to Safe Squad and we learnt about online safety and we did a quiz about what we do online and how to keep our self safe from strangers .Next we went and wached an anti social show about hate crimes,bullying,disrespect and homaphobic language . Those are all illegall stuff that you can put in jail for and you can also be put in jail for tresspasing in a resavoiur or spitting . They told us to never do any of those things.After we did  that we learnt how to do CPR and put people in the recovery position and if there faces go white  we have to put there legs up high so the blood goes back into your head.We tryed these on our freinds .Later we learnt  how to be safe in our bedrooms and if theres a fire what we should do .We spotted all of the dangers like not to cover an xbox or to not put an iron flat down .

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