Safe squad written by Zwa 6L

Today 6L and 6T went on a trip called Safe sqaud and learnt about online dangers,dangers in the street,at school and at home.Our first activity was learning about being safe online for exsample we talked about sharing information online and changing facts about ourselves.we learnt that you shouldnt be filming outside your house because you could accidently get information about where you live in the shot for your  video and how you should tell someone when your in bad situations.After that session we went to an acting session which showed us real life problems what might even happen on our streets.We learnt about many crimes which even you might not know its a crime like,racisim,name calling,spitting and other things people might do everyday.For a last two sessions we first learnt about CPR and helping people when their unconsious before the ambulance come.Our last session was about keeping safe in a fire and ways to prevent starting a fire.

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