School Council Meeting

Corrie Primary School Council Meeting Minutes.
Date: 27th September 2019
Time: 12:45PM
Location: 6T Classroom
In Attendance: Miss Pinington, Miss Turner, AR, JC, MD, MC, ML, TG, EF, BC, KDS, JP, JO, BP, HP
Topic: Welcoming the new School Council & Charity
Speaker: Miss Turner & Miss Pinington
Details: We all introduced ourselves as this year’s School Councillors and talked about what we would like to achieve this year. We discussed organizing a charity event within the next term. Our new school charity is Cancer Research UK. We voted and decided that after the success of the last event, we are going to organize a bake off competition and bake sale. We also discussed the mess left in the hall after lunch times and discussed possible solutions. Finally, we discussed homework buddies and set up a system where the UKS2 children will give up part of their lunch time to help in lunch time homework club.
Required Action: School Council Committee to talk to Mrs Cartledge about charity event. Y6 representatives to devise a rota for homework buddies.
By Who: School Council Committee, AR, JO and MD
Any Other Business:

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