The Lumipod Beetle’s Diet

Did you know that the Lumipod Beetle is located in Pandora and is an ambush predator that roams the lands of Pandora? The Lumipod Beetle, which has mountaintop wings situated on it’s thorax, hounds from the sky and ambushes it’s prey from above. Located on the abdomen, is vigorous stinger manages toxic, lethal venom which tranquilizes it’s prey. This remarkable creature feats upon silk worms, other beetles, leeches and grubs. This deadly predator uses it’s external proboscis as a long feeding tube to devour the blood of it’s prey. Although the Lumipod beetle appears small, it’s venom can subdue any swarm of Hexapods on Pandora. This disguised critter ‘s habitat (which is the vast rainforests) is an ideal hunting ground. Occasionally, the beetle has been known to attack and kill Humanoids but only when provoked.

– Mable

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