Coming Home by JJ

I was in an abandoned, isolated, old broken shed, in an unused rusty kettle.I popped my head out of the kettle. I must get there. I will get there. I must flap my wings as fast as I can in this cold wasteland. I will be there for my friends and family. I will return.

I feel cold and hungry. I must get there. I will get there through the hailstone and rain. Into a tree I go and feel soaking wet. Can my wings handle this rain? Finally, some shelter to be safe. A ferret with a wet black nose and white shiny whiskers came towards me. “Get out of here” he said. I was scared. I flew away.

I flew over the clouds and a blanket of snow. I must get there. I will get there. I am so tired of flying. I must take a drink but I saw the shadow of a hawk with sharp claws, a pointed beak and wings as long as an eagle. Twirl. Spin. Dodge. The hawk got tired and flew away. Phew that was a close one!

A rock is my shelter whilst I wait for the weather to go away. I must get there. I will get there. I must travel across the sea. I’m ready to go. I start to fly again. Oh no, the weather changes again. Thunder and lightening. Boom! Bam! Wackapow! I do not like this. I am too uncomfortable to fly through this weather. It is cold and my wings are shivering.

This boat will do. A giant wave rolled over me sweeping me along the deck but these giant hands, so big, grabbed me and put me into a warm box. Mmmm, food! Now it was time to go. I am almost there. I’m coming home. Coming home to my family. The fisherman was nice and kind and threw me up, so I can fly again.

I am almost there and the weather is calm. I can see it. I’m finally home but where is she? I must look for her. I see a mince pie and my loved one. I said “hello”. She replied “I missed you”. We ate our mince pie and I am back home. I am happy now with my loved one.

  • JJ

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