Stone Age things that we have bine learning about from Emily p

We have been learning about the Stone Age people and what they use to servive and we have bine making Stone Age tools and making woolly mammoths with.Stone age animals they had wolfs were biggest dogs on earth. Cave bear was a species of bear that lived in Europe and Asia during the pleistoce. Hippopotamus eat many grass but they have bine spotted. Wild boars are also known as the wild swine Eurasian wild pig or simply. Sheep were pets and they were used to eat the meat from then drink there milk there scine were used for clothing and there bones used. Giant Dear they were Extinked and it was over 7ft tall with massive antlers.woolly mammoths were very big and hiary. Woolly Rhinos were big and hiary and they could swim.what Stone Age people eat grapes, cherries, fish, olives, bird eggs. 10 facts about Stonehenge it is really old. It was created by people who left no written records.It could have bine a burial ground. Some of the stones were brought from nearly 200 miles away. They are known as ringing rocks. There is an Arthurian legend about Stonehenge. The body of a decapitated man was excavated from the site.

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