North America by Mia Doyle 6T

             My homework!

My favourite North American person !

My favourite North American person is Ariana Grande because I love her singing ; I think that all the time she spends on writing songs for us to listen to is amazing .

Did you know ?

Did you know that North America is made up out of 24 different country’s and a lot of them are really well known like Hollywood,L.A and many more !

Facts about a well known place in North America!

The really well known place I have chosen is New York City ! I chose this place because it has a lot of background. In NYC a few years ago there was a terrible attack named 9 11. Two aero planes flew into the twin towers!

Facts !

  • The population of North America is 19,570,261 !
  • It is mainly a warm place but it can rain .
  • North America covers a total of 24.71 million square kilometres!
  • North America is the third largest continent in the world!
  • The core of the continent is 1-1.5 billion years old !
  • This continent contains a lot of talented people such as artists and sport people.
  • People mainly speak English in north an


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