The Arrival By Alfie Sugden

The man met an old man who wanted a worker who was ready for the well-paying job he had planned. The man had also met a stray creature who had followed him on his journey for 23 years. The old man was named Marley. The person talked about his past so dearly… He said that he used to be in the war and he only served for 2 years because he got shot. Marley ended up getting the man some help by offering him some jobs, one of which was working for Marley! The man was thinking about these jobs but there was one problem. If he said that he wouldn’t take Marley’s job for him then he would feel cruel, so without a doubt the man took Marley’s job. The fellow went for his job, the reason he had to keep the money he earned today was because he wanted to write a heart-warming letter to his family. After he had earned the money, the man wrote a letter to his wife and daughter…


Dear Chloe and Jess

I miss you dearly and I would like to say that I have found a job, got a pet and have now even bought you a letter to write to you! This is only a quick letter because my boss, Marley, has said only to have ten minutes’ break. I will see you soon, lots of love Dad/Husband.

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