The Arrival By Jayden 6T

Looking for a story based on a well provided family or angels? Well you shouldn’t carry on hoping for that but since you’ve read this far you might as well carry on reading.For this story tells of the struggles of living and real life. Maybe you’ll understand the troubles the family in the story have. I won’t waste anymore time because this story is long.

It all started on a long Autumn night long ago,in a dull city, on a dull street, in an unlit house. Times were arduous and the family were poor and unable to accommodate their daughter properly.After a lot of monotonous arguing,the parents decided that the Dad should go to Spain. The mother was devastated that he was going. The father packed his suitcase and went to bed. When the daughter woke up and went downstairs she noticed the suitcase, tickets and passport and she knew something bad was going to happen. She sat in the corner and sobbed. Whilst everyone was eating they were silent. The Dad grabbed his bag and everyone got ready to leave. Walking up the same old cobbled path, they heard the train coming. With one last hug, the Dad sat on the last seat, last row.With all the depressed faces surrounding him, it felt like they were consuming him. When he got to the boat he saw four large tubes. The man was one of the first in the line so he got to be one of the first on the boat.

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