The Arrival by Liam 6T

Searching for a story with a house on a hill, a family provided for and the usual happy ending? Then maybe, just maybe this book isn’t for you, so close this book and go pick another one from the shelf because this story features the struggle of living and real life problems which often remain untold and a secret. Family problems you will understand when you get older.

It all started on a pinky, purple dawn in a dull city on a dull street in a dull house. The man  grabbed his family picture and put it in his suitcase without his daughter knowing. His wife gently put her hand on his. He could see the pain his wife was in. The man was hoping his daughter wouldn’t see the suitcase in the hall. When she was coming down the stairs; she noticed her mum was in low spirits, so she looked around and saw a bright red suitcase. She got dressed and passed the suitcase to her dad. He looked at her sorrowfully. They walked down the dull street with shadow monsters creeping around everywhere. It was only when she reached the train station, she realized that her father was going and she didn’t know when he would be back…

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