The Arrival Paragraph Three by Ellis 6T

As the man woke up, he could sense the smell of something weird. As he pulled back his covers he saw it; the snake and mouse creature. He felt a strange tingle and he knew it was his depression. He got dressed and headed into the city. Out of nowhere, he bumped into a young woman who looked kind and friendly so he asked “Where is the nearest boat?,” he asked she didn’t understand him so she gave him her own ticket and he said “Thank you so much.” As he entered the boat he sat down and talked to this woman about the past. As they talked much more, he knew she had a sad,depressing live,lonely,forced and desperate. As he got off the boat, he looked into the distance- he thought he was lucky that he was here.  After the long walk down the steps, he finally arrived at the markets. He looked at his shopping list and was trying to find the bread. After the long search he found it but the creature was scratching a box full of exotic fruits but after eating this fruit he decided to try some more food. After this he was full up and became friends with the shop owner who said “Come back to my house and have tea?” As they arrived at their house, they had a delicious tea had some fun and he laughed for the first time in a while. He left and headed back to his apartment.

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