Spring term in year 3

Hello everyone and welcome back to another exciting term in Year 3 at Corrie!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

We have got a busy but exciting term ahead of us with lots of fantastic events like the careers and aspirations week that we are really looking forward to.

If there are any parents that would like to come into school and explain to the children what they do for a job, please let us know and we would be delighted to see you.



In maths we will be start by looking at Place value. We will move onto Times tables, angles and 2D shapes. The children will develop a range of strategies to help them add and subtract and look at finding measurements. We will continue to develop our problem and reasoning skills throughout each unit of work.



We will start the half term by focusing on narrative writing inspired by The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo. A traditional tale and alternative version to Cinderella. We will start by comparing different versions of a traditional story and identify how verbs can create an action. We will then write our own narratives and edit our story.


Topic: Ancient Egypt

 Our topic this term is going to be Ancient Egypt and we are going to find out all about this fascinating period of history. We will be doing lots of activities in our Kagan books and might even be able to go on a fantastic trip to find out about some of the amazing things about the Ancient Egyptians.


Science: Rocks and Soils

In this unit children will recognise that below the surface of Earth is rock which they may not be able to see. They will understand that over time rocks have been broken down to form smaller rocks, pebbles, stones and eventually soils. They will recognise that there are different rocks and different soils which have different properties and appearances. Children will identify, name and describe different rocks. They will compare and group different rocks and soils based on appearance and properties, e.g. hardness, and they will examine the soil in their local area. They will consider the impact of worms in making soils. Children will also describe in simple terms how fossils are formed when living things have been trapped in rock.

PHSE: JIGSAW Dreams and goals 

During this half term, children will look at understanding what their dreams and goals are and look at how to achieve their aspirations.


RE: What do different people believe about God?

In RE the children will be looking at what different people believe about God through for example stories, buildings and art.


PE: Games and Gymnastics

In PE the children will begin to create their own sequences using the shapes and movements they have been learning in gymnastics. They will have Sports Development working with them in their lessons every other week where they will be focusing on dance and games.


Music: BRASS

During our music lessons the children will have the opportunity to learn how to play a brass instrument with Tameside music service. Music lessons are every Wednesday. If your child would like to take their brass instrument home to practice, a deposit can be paid to the office allowing them to take it home.



In ICT we will be learning about E safety including how to keep safe online, Blogging such as how to leave and comment on blogs on our school webpage and Navigating which will include finding the school website and logging into school apps.


MFL: French

We will be developing our language skills this half term by looking at colours and the french alphabet. We will continue to learn about France and its culture by looking at different traditions and food. 



We are also going to continue our different approach to homework in year 3 which has proven very successful in the past. We provide the children with a menu of choices for homework activities that they can carry out during the term. They still only need to complete one piece per week. They will also receive spelling shed and active learn homework every week online. Your child should have their log is stuck in their homework book. If you do not have access to the internet at home, a worksheet version of the homework will be available.

If you would like to email us your child’s homework please email to admin@corrie.tameside.schFAO Miss Wood / Mrs Faulkner or Mrs Akhtar.

Home Reading: Reading a school book is part of your homework. Reading books are changed or checked every Wednesday and will be changed on a Monday and Thursday. Your child’s reading diary must be signed before a new book is given and all activities completed (if applicable)

REMEMBER: all homework needs to be completed each week and handed in by each Wednesday to achieve GREEN for Homework in your Assertive Mentoring. If you hand it in on Thursday you will achieve YELLOW and after that you will achieve RED for that week. Homework is a vital part of your child’s learning and school provides homework club every night after school as well as homework support during Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes.

Want more?

You all have an ACTIVE LEARN and Times Tables Rockstar login for other Maths activities, games and multiplication facts practise to enjoy at home online. Please ask an adult to see your teacher for a replacement card if you lose or forget your login. Web links:




You will need to regularly revise the year 2 spelling list and learn the Year 3 spelling lists.

Practicing Spellings At Home

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

Year 3 Spelling Rules and Examples


Other important information:

  • Please ensure your name is clearly written in all your school uniform. We have a permanent marker if you need to write your child’s name in their jumper etc.
  • Please ensure your correct and full PE kit is in school all week as PE days can change in school (it will be sent home every half term to wash)
  • Bring your reading book and reading diary to school every day. Sometimes a reading volunteer will choose you for extra reading.
  • Please bring a school water bottle every day. Take it home each day and ask your grown up to clean and refill for you.
  • All the equipment you need is supplied for you in school. Please do not bring in your own pencils, rubbers etc from home.
  • PE is on Mondays and Thursdays.











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