Coming Home by Bobby G

One Icy cold day on Christmas eve there was a damp isolated old broken shed. Suddenly a robin popped his head out of an old broken teapot. That robin was me. I flew and looked in the distance and saw trees. I must go to get my friend. I took off flapping my wings then gliding it was cold and Icy.

I was cold and numb I could not feel my feet and my wings. It was cold black and grey and it was lightning crash! Bang! The lightning went I was exhausted.  I was hungry I looked but I could not find a worm not even one! Suddenly I saw a hole. I went in there to get shelter but then I saw a black nose it was a ferret! I fled away.

I was flying about the mountains and the trees. I was freezing I like an ice cube. The cold breeze was blowing against me. Suddenly I saw a hawk staring at me with his beady eyes looking at me. Then it flew off with a bang. So close I had to twist and turn to get away. I was safe that was a close one.

I am under a rock I am safe my cold feet on the green grass. I was waiting for the sky to calm down then I was off with a flash. I was flying in the breeze. I saw a lighthouse the light was as bright as the sun. Oh no a giant storm. Crash! Bang! It was like a laser crashing on the sea bed I was horrified.

I saw an isolated boat on the deep dark sea. The dark clouds gathering together. The white raging sea. There was a boat I was relieved I flew to the boat. Suddenly a monstrous wave hit me like a car. I was sliding across the hollow wooden floor. Stomp a man with a big white beard scooped me up and he said rest little robin rest.  Will I die? Will I make it?

The next day the man opened the box and the man fed me. I got up and flew away. I will not give up. I will get there. I was flying above the Icy cold deep sea I saw a fish. I was flying for a long time. Where is the village? I think I see the house.At last I am home but she’s not there. I whistled. There she is at last. She said “I was worried”. We had our mince pie for Christmas dinner.

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