Tudor Day – Brooke Pires Year 5

We have been learning about Tudor times and the other week we had a special day in year 5. Some people came into school to teach us fun things that used to happen in Tudor times.

We learnt about what happened in a Tudor court room and what would happen if you stole a cloak. The best thing  that we got to do was play a game where we rolled a dice and if you got a 7 you give wedding present by putting a shell on, if you rolled a 2 you got everything on the board except the wedding presents. If you got 12 you get everything on the board even the wedding presents and you win the game and the game would be over. We played twice but i didn’t win.

We did a play on Francis Drake and i had to play an instrument that looked like a french horn.

We all had so much fun and we got to dress up n Tudor clothes. I wish we could do things like this again.

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