Children in World War Two by Jessica 6L.

During WW2 life changed for everyone including children , for many it was a period of family separation. Nearly two million children were evacuated from their homes , they were evacuated to places like the countryside where there was hardly any bombing. When children were evacuated they had a label attached to them with there names on it as if they were parcels some children were separated from their brothers and sisters going to completely different houses. At school children had to take regular gas drills so that if a gas attack ever did happen they knew what to do, they found these drills hard to take seriously as they laughed every time the rubber made weird noises. When a gas mask drill happened the children would all gather in the hall and the head teacher would time how long it took for them to put on their gas masks. If a real air  raid happened the children would be taken to the school shelter where the teachers would  read them stories to try and keep the children calm. As every child from a tiny baby to a teenager had to carry a gas mask with them the government thought that children under 5 years of age would be scared of the gas masks so  they designed a special one with mickey mouse on it .

I am really enjoying this topic and cant wait to learn more .

Jessica 6L .

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