School Council Meeting: 03.02.20

Corrie Primary School Council Meeting Minutes.
Date: 3rd March 2020
Time: 12:45PM
Location: 6T Classroom
In Attendance: Miss Pinington, Miss Turner, Mrs Ethell, AR, JC, MD, MC, ML, TG, EF, BC, KDS, JP, JO, BP, HP
Topic: Reading area, money raising for choir and fund raising for Uganda
Speaker: Mrs Ethell Miss Turner & Miss Pinington
1st on the agenda: Mrs Ethell requested attendance at a school council meeting to raise the profile of reading across school. She asked if school council can set up a possible book swap station within school for trial over the next half term. Completed books will be brought into school for other people to take. School council members will promote and run this system through school.
2nd on the agenda: Raising money for music box
Choir have requested school council’s assistance in raising money for a new boom box. At present they are using an unreliable boom box and having to borrow this from classes around school. They have asked if school council can plan an event to raise money. Possible options discussed were: a paid assembly, an after school show and charity buckets.
3rd on the agenda: Helen returning from Uganda.
A visitor to our school, who moved to Uganda to help build a school, is returning soon and would like to come and talk to us about her work. She has asked if we would like to help fundraise for more of the work she is doing. Possible options discussed were: a non-uniform day where the children come in colours of the Ugandan flag and donate £1.
Required Action: School Council Committee to talk to Mrs Cartledge about fun raising events. Representatives to devise a rota for book swap. Representatives to write a parent mail about book swap and make posters.
By Who: School Council Committee, AR, JC and MD
Any Other Business:

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