Lily’s Sunset Setting

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As the blinding sunset disappeared in the swaying waves, the light streamed slowly upon my skin. Engulfing my feet, the crumbling sand threaded through my toes and the sun sunk beneath its warm bed. Fluffy clouds surrounded me while the sun blossomed in the daylight. The sweet sound of flowing waves swam up to me and begged me to stay. As the sunset faded into the navy sky, I could smell the salty sea swimming towards me. As the sea swished towards me it swallowed the golden sand. The ocean, that is crystal clear, lay in its damp bed.



Lucas’ magical sunset

As the silent dusky sunset met the horizon, the swaying waves hit onto the sandy shores. The fluffy clouds looked like cotton candy whispering for me to stay. Wonderful waves covered my feet like water being poured on me. The water, which was crystal clear, crashed onto the shore. Salty sea water smelt like a tall bottle of salt. The salty taste invaded my mouth. The imprints of the feet vanished; the sea crashed away the evidence of the footprints. The waves were crashing like they were in a rugby match. The suns rays were like a path leading to a nice paradise. Sand castles melted away as the ocean grabbed them and took them away.

Lexie’s Sunset Description

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At twilight, as the sun set, the warmth from the lowering sun hugged my skin. Soft sand tickled my toes, as I gazed up to the fluffy, floating clouds. As the sea engulfed the golden shore, it whispered begging me to stay. The taste of sea salt stung my tongue. The evidence of a day at the beach was washed away by the sea. Sand castles melted into the calm, blue water. The sea, which was crystal clear, washed over my feet and sent a tickle racing down my spine. As the chirping seagulls sang a melody, they swayed past me.The sun was as hot as a burning light bulb evacuating the sky.

Lillian Gilbreth by Honey Van Assen


Lillian Gilbreth was born in 1878 into a big family of nine children.  She graduated from University of California, Berkeley, with master’s in literature. She met Frank Gilbreth in the middle of completing  her PhD at Brown University. She was intrigued by his obsession with workplace efficiency and switched from literature to psychology. Her dissertation, ‘ The Psychology of Management’, was the first study of how relationships affect us at work. Together, Lillian and Frank ran a consultancy. They would study a simple task, such as bricklaying or carrying tools, and break the motions down to the most essential steps to make the workers’ jobs quicker. They also wrote many books about motion and fatigue. Often, only Frank’s name would appear on their work because publishers thought a male author would appear more authorative – even though Lillian was the psychologist. When Frank died in 1924, Lillian took charge of the company. Many of her clients did not want a woman telling them how to run factories, so Lillian focused on homemakers instead. Back then, it was common for women to spend all day cooking and cleaning. Lillian applied ergonomics and motion studies to make housewives’ tasks easier. She created new tools and new layout for kitchens that cut work time down from a day to only a few hours. It gave women more time pursue exciting interests. Lillian Gilbreth’s designs are all around us. Whether it’s the ergonomic layout of your desk or the ‘ work triangle’ that determines the distance from the sink to the hob, her designs have been integrated into our daily lives.

Implement devices currently have Ip address addresses

Hence your private information and facts related to your ISP service provider normally continues to be pretty secure. There is nevertheless a possibility while that you may possibly come to be a concentrate on of an Online hacker assault.

An IP address attack spoofs your area Web connection by seeking to forge your computer’s IP by way of software package vulnerabilities. If you have your cellular phone, tablet, notebook or desktop laptop or computer related instantly to a higher pace DSL or high speed Cable Modem without the need of a router or a firewall, a hacker may possibly be ready to accessibility the non-public details on your personal computer, especially if you use community file sharing or transfer enabled. In this circumstance, it would not be a bad thought to get a good firewall application alongside with an antivirus software program generally made use of by most folks these types of as Antivir or Avast!, or a components router with a developed in electronic firewall.

Some high speed DSL, Cable and Dish Web services providers provide this variety of safety software program at no value to the men and women who use their services. There is also definite advantage of getting a genuine components firewall crafted-in into a router or DSL, Cable or Dish modem. When a software firewall is excellent and presents you entire info transfer manage, it might be vulnerable to viruses, misconfiguration and crashes, even though a components firewall does what it statements to do and always runs in the qualifications. Even though a components firewall is normally a lot more steady, letting only outgoing site visitors, it commonly gives you a somewhat confined command of your inbound targeted traffic. Even so, it gives you with the most effective attainable safety to all of the pcs on your local network from a perilous inbound targeted visitors.

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What happens when somebody else is aware of your IP address

All substantial pace World-wide-web company suppliers, together with but not limited to DSL, Cable and Dish community are susceptible to stop user protection hazards, while numerous of them choose extra actions to safeguard their consumers. About WhatIsMyIp. identify. We support you to uncover out your IP handle. Your latest IP fifty one. fifteen. 183. 196 and you are from France. Your IP fifty one. 15. 183. 196 Timezone Europe/Zurich Your IP host 23. 229. 242. 193 Latitude / Longitude forty eight. 853408813477 / 2. 348799943924 Continent Europe (EU) Current day March, 24 2020 Present-day time seventeen:34:02 (UTC) Runtime . 440277. What is an IP handle?An IP handle is a one of a kind Online Protocol handle that is tied to a unique computing gadget to establish a consumer in the virtual environment. This address is also used to set up a link on the Net so that equipment can exchange knowledge with every other at a unique IP handle of the connected IP network. These products consist of a computer, cell phone, Apple iPad, Apple iphone, Mac, or any router.

May I determine if anybody is using my internet service

An IP deal with is an unique network deal with on the World-wide-web that can be in comparison with a street deal with or a mobile phone amount connected with a distinct item or person. How can I make a lookup by IP handle?A large amount of folks are fascinated in figuring out their IP address. There are numerous applications to assistance you do this speedily and conveniently, but regretably, not all of them are dependable, so you need to normally be vigilant.

Even so, by getting the proper tool for you and making confident it is responsible, you will be capable to discover out not only your IP handle but also other helpful info. Our method complies with all trustworthiness requirements and supplies a wide array of facts that contains information and facts about time zone, World-wide-web support provider, place name, zip code, state/ region/ town. What is the difference involving my IP 4 and IP six tackle?An IP four tackle uses a 32-little bit binary system to acquire a exceptional deal with on a particular community.

Tree sculptures

Year 5 have been taking part in an eco/art project called ‘Keen to be Green’. They have worked with artist, Sam Owen Hall, and used recycled materials to create tree sculptures. The focus of the project was to take rubbish and transform it into something beautiful that looks like it belongs to nature. We think the outcomes look beautiful!

School Council Meeting: 03.02.20

Corrie Primary School Council Meeting Minutes.
Date: 3rd March 2020
Time: 12:45PM
Location: 6T Classroom
In Attendance: Miss Pinington, Miss Turner, Mrs Ethell, AR, JC, MD, MC, ML, TG, EF, BC, KDS, JP, JO, BP, HP
Topic: Reading area, money raising for choir and fund raising for Uganda
Speaker: Mrs Ethell Miss Turner & Miss Pinington
1st on the agenda: Mrs Ethell requested attendance at a school council meeting to raise the profile of reading across school. She asked if school council can set up a possible book swap station within school for trial over the next half term. Completed books will be brought into school for other people to take. School council members will promote and run this system through school.
2nd on the agenda: Raising money for music box
Choir have requested school council’s assistance in raising money for a new boom box. At present they are using an unreliable boom box and having to borrow this from classes around school. They have asked if school council can plan an event to raise money. Possible options discussed were: a paid assembly, an after school show and charity buckets.
3rd on the agenda: Helen returning from Uganda.
A visitor to our school, who moved to Uganda to help build a school, is returning soon and would like to come and talk to us about her work. She has asked if we would like to help fundraise for more of the work she is doing. Possible options discussed were: a non-uniform day where the children come in colours of the Ugandan flag and donate £1.
Required Action: School Council Committee to talk to Mrs Cartledge about fun raising events. Representatives to devise a rota for book swap. Representatives to write a parent mail about book swap and make posters.
By Who: School Council Committee, AR, JC and MD
Any Other Business: