Career and Aspiration Week

As part of Career and Aspiration Week the children have had the opportunity to interview a range of visitors about their jobs, including: A balloon artist, a magician, the police, a nurse, a soldier and a boxing champion. They also enjoyed going inside a planetarium and looking at the work of an astronomer!

‘My favourite visitor was the magician. He worked hard to be funny and he made me laugh lots.’ Frankie M

‘I liked Steven from Wild Workshops. He went to Africa to work with animals and now he works looking after creatures that you find in the garden. I want to work with animals when I’m older.’ Libby H

‘Alex from Bollington Balloons was my favourite visitor. He started off just experimenting with balloons. It took him a long time to do and some of them weren’t very good. But now because he has worked hard and didn’t give up he can make amazing balloon designs!’ Connor M

Thank you to those parents that gave up their time to speak to the children and helped to make the week a success.

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