Anne Frank by Mia-Rose 6L

Anne Frank Facts

Anne Frank was born June 12th 1992,Frankfurt,Germany.

Anne Frank was just an ordinary German Jewish girl.

On June 14th 1943 Anne started to write her diary(which made her famous).

Anne Frank was well known for her diary writing it was first published as a book, in Dutch, in 1947.Since then,millions of people have read the thoughts and hopes of one girl which inspired everyone.

Anne’s family started to hide on July 6th 1942.

Her family’s hiding place was discovered and they were arrested on August 4th 1944.

Did you know Anne was just a nick name her real name was Annelies Marie Frank?

Her mother was Edith Frank her father was Otto Frank and her sister is Margrot Frank

Anne frank sadly died March 1945.

Also her family sadly died. 

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