How have you changed as you have grown up . 2M Lillie-May

Lillie-May  2M

As a baby all I could do was drink milk from a bottle and cry. My Mum and Dad had to feed me and bath me and change my nappy! At first I couldn’t crawl or walk and had to be carried or go in my pram. lol I had was a tiny Moses basket because a bed was far to big for me. As I got a bit a bit older I had a walker that helped me learn how to walk on my own and as my bones got stronger I began to crawl everywhere!
Eventually I could feed myself and had big girl foods and didn’t even need to wear a nappy anymore! I could run and walk and even got some teeth that I’ve learnt to brush by myself.
I went to nursery and made some friends and started to learn some new words. After nursery I started in reception where I now no lots of words, my feet are getting bigger and my hair is growing long! I started to make some friends and  learning harder things, I even no how to ride a bike and scooter now.

Now I am 7 years old, I have size 13 feet and hair down my back. My baby teeth started to fall out and I now have 4 adult ones! I went from my Moses basket to a single bed and now I have a double bed I am that tall! I do not like the baby programmes anymore I like big films and Disney movies. I can write and paint now and even can do jigsaws on my own.


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