How I have changed since being a baby by Jensen R 2D

When I was a baby  I could only move my arms and legs ,I also could only have milk for breakfast, dinner and tea. I needed help  with  feeding myself and  getting dressed and having my poopy nappy changed,  which my mum thought was disgusting . When I was 1 -year-old ,  I could  crawl ,  walk , talk And use my hands to eat  Real food . At this time I needed help with chopping my food up getting dressed and walking steadily. At 4 – years -old I could go to the toilet on my own, eat with no help, run, jump and play and  learn in nursery . I needed help with wiping my bum , crossing roads safely, and reading my books.

now I’m 7 and I can ride a bike, read, write,build Lego , swim and wipe my bum.

I can go to school and learn and get it correct . I need help with   Tying my laces , extra learning , learning to cook and safety and not lose my temper with my sister.


by Jensen 2D



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