How I have changed by Oliver

When I was a baby I couldn’t do much for myself. My Mum and Dad had to feed me and get me dressed. I spent most of the time lying on my back! When i was aged one I started to learn how to feed myself. When I 1st started to move around, I could only crawl then walk and finally I could run. I have continued to change and learn new skills as I have got older. By the time I had started school I could already read. Since I have started school I have learnt how to write and how to do maths. I can now do lots of things for myself, including getting dressed, making a drink, playing football, doing my own shower, and helping my brother.

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  1. Well done Oliver, I’m really proud of how you have grown and developed your own independence. What would you like to be able to do next on your own?
    Mrs Macdonald

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