How I have changed


26th March

How I have changed

When I born I couldn’t really do much, I liked having mummy and daddy cuddles and kisses and my bottle of milk what mummy and daddy fed me as I couldn’t feed myself as I got older I learnt to crawl


When I was 1 I could feed myself – I used to get very messy and spill food down my top and my milk. I had just started to walk and I used to like playing in the garden with the sand and water, I used to like playing with mummy and daddy with my toys i  liked cuddles and being sat on my mummys knee, I used to go to playgroup and meet new friends


When I was 4 I could feed and drink myself as i was a big boy, I could run, I used to like going to the park and playing on the swing and slide. I started nursery at Corrie Primary School


Now I am 6 nearly 7 and I am very clever I can do lots of things I can write and read and I know some of my timetables I can ride a two wheeled bike, I can play on the front on my own with my older friend.

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