How to attack a Castle by Oliver Pedley

There are 3 main ways to attack a castle. These are:

1. Fire your Trebuchet

Used to fire stone balls at the castle that weigh 300 pounds and can fire for 100’s of metres.

2. Taunt the enemy.

If the enemy does not have much food, you can stand outside the castle with lovely food like cooked chicken. You can waft it  over the wall to make them hungry and be more likely to surrender.

3. Dig under the walls.

Dig underneath the castle walls to surprise the enemy. This will be a surprise because they will be expecting the enemy to come over the wall and not under it.

There are ways you can defend your castle from attack. They are:

1. Strengthen the walls.

Make them stronger to keep the enemy out.

2. Stock up on food.

This will stop you from going hungry if you get attacked.

3. Keep up morale

Stay strong and in good spirits so you will be ready if you get attacked.

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