The Forest by Evie

The muffled voice amplified. We could tell they were livid. They were fizzing with hatred and furiosity .Was this the end to our ill-fated outbreak? Our legs were paralysed. The autumn breeze dissolved into the sweltering heat of a summer’s day. I felt sick with apprehension. Had their proficient scheme worked flawlessly? We had to vanish without a trace, before we were imprisoned. The night was unilluminated. We edged towards the window and climbed out. BOOM! CRASH! The menacing hurricane was engulfing the forest. How did this all begin? A faint pinkish glow was visible along the horizon towards the north.

It had only been a few hours ago, when I was playing manhunt with my friends. The sky was a vivid turquoise and the sun beamed happily into my emerald eyes. After I wandered into the forest for a concealed hiding spot, I came across a derelict deserted school. The school was unearthly; I was petrified. It was when I stumbled over a tree root, I heard an ear-splitting shriek. The moonlight settled into the eerie dusk. Someone was in mortal peril. Suddenly I heard something – something quite different from the engines in the city that roared like wild lions. It was a voice: a spine chilling voice- a voice of breath taking ice cold venom. The glinting moon rested in the lilac sky sleepily while the stars gathered around the moon. The twinkling lights reflected into my terror-stricken eyes Swiftly, I ducked behind a tree then crawled towards the school. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a girl. A girl who had blonde, wispy hair that reached just below her shoulders and pale white skin. Her wrists were grazed and bruised. We had to escape! We ran through the creepy woods. We had just found an ancient cabin to hide in, when we heard the spine- tingling voice again; it sounded furious. My hopes for escaping were fading away like a candle melting. The storm was diminishing our chances of escaping by blurring our vision. Cautiously, we crept forwards through the eerie sinister forest…

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