by Jacqueline

An extract from lake.


And then it it came one of the knows at the side of the boat not to loud and not to quite it just came two knocks. Then Francis sat up and looked around nothing she  made sure nothing was there and sat  back down. Then again this time louder  Francis again sat up and saw two blue eyes looking at her from inside the water it went back away before Francis could even but her hand in the water. Francis thought it was gone but she was wrong it raced at at her and she grabbed the oar and put it in the water but as as she but it in it took it and pulled it down she skipped back and the other oar fell down know she was stuck on the lake and she could not go anywhere so she sat and waited she didn’t get bored because she had her diary.

Francis Diary By George

Saturday  20th September

dear diary

Finally the day has come,its Saturday 20th September and we are going to Quetico park  for a week of excitement…As usual the trip took  a long time ( 5 hours.)My mum and dad was arguing on the way to go and my little brother was asleep.We arrived on time for the first time and i helped to set up the equipment and make our tent but i had to because my mum broke her arm so she cant lift anything heavy.we made all the stuff and it got dark.we we came back to our campsite and made a fire so we could roast some marshmallows and mine was the best.Finally everybody fell a sleep but me ,so i decided to take the row boat out and I even took one of dads smokes.SHHH!No telling.See you tomorrow          Francis xxx

setting description of quetico parck by Leon

the cloudless oily sky stalked the still calm lack.Stars blanketed the sky like little torches lighting up the darkness.As the moon lit up the lack little ripples passed through the waters peacefully.As the water mimicked the lava red horizon,the wood land was plunged into blackness.

Francis by Layla

One egg yolk sunny day,the lives of the Brandy Wine family changed for ever…

Quetico provincial park, located in the subord of Minnesoda on the boarder of North America and Canida .You could go days and days before seeing another soul. The lakes water was so pristine you could drink straight from the lake.But I wont be going to Quetico any time soon not after what happened to a girl named Francis Brandy Wine…


Over the crystal clear lake, the cloudless starry sky refleced off the water  like a mirror shining. Stars lit up the sky like a torch trying to find the moon light.Soft breezes glided across the lake making little ripples in the water.The leaf-littered forest swolloed up everyone who when the the park and when they would leave the park would spit them out.

The shadow of blue

In a green lustrous tokyo city there was a young girls who was 11 year old and she was pale . then she sat on a bark bench it look really new she was in a par where there was tall brown  gait trees . and as  well there was an orange butterfly flying around the park an the girl was happy but as well she was lonly she was trying to get the butter fly . But it kept going away from her . so she made a blue paper butterfly and it got stuck in one of the trees she tried to get it out and she did she through  that it was flying but it was just the wind blowing it away . And the book on the side where how to make a paper butterfly and some paper to make some more.

A Shadow Of Blue By Jessica

In a luscious , serene park on the edge of the colossal city , a small girl with a pale complexion sat quietly on a wooden bench surrounded by lots of greenery and fences. She sat there daydreaming entering all of her thoughts in the back of her mind . Sat neatly beside her was a well looked after journal and a pile of paper and pens . She took a piece of thin , azure paper and folded a beautiful , elegant butterfly . There is a forlom , lonely look in her eyes as she lets the magnificent piece of art float into the warm breeze . The egg yolk sun shone down on the barren park as cascade of orange butterflies  fluttered above her .

A shadow of blue by Ruby

In a luscious barren park , on the outskirts of Tokyo city center , a fragile young girl sat for lornly on a rickety ancient bench, day dreaming sereenly. Glazing at the cascade of illuminating butterflies , the small glum girl with a pale complexion selected the blue piece of paper besides her and decided to create her very own origami butterfly. Besides her was a well-used disheveled book that taught her how to deftly fold paper into majestic creatures.

Francis By Lincoln

Stars flickered  in the sinister, silent night sky. Hovering cautiously over the pristine, clear lake was the bright moon lighting up the muddy path. The sky was mirrored by the moonlit lake. Emerald trees danced in the slow breeze. As silent as a mouse, the lake emitted a mellifluous aura of peace and calm. The moon was a beam of light sending an important warning whilst stalking the lustrous woodland. A row of light rose from the skyline as the moon started to vanish from the inky sky.