Timetable for next week

  Mon   13.7.20 Tues    14.7.20 Wed    15.7.20 Thur    16.7.20 Fri  17.7.20
9.00 – 9:15 Spelling: Go on Spelling Shed or learn words from your 5/6 wordlist


Mad Maths!

Times Table Rockstars

Spelling  Go on Spelling Shed or learn words from your 5/6 wordlist


Mad Maths!

Times Table Rockstars

Spelling  Go on Spelling Shed or learn words from your 5/6 wordlist


9.15-10.00 Reading: Use your pack “The Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites”

Read Cave Elves and highlight useful words, phrases and sentences you can magpie. Think about what kind of elf or sprite you will write about.


Reading: Read about the Cave Elf again and do Activity 2 –

Draw a Cave Elf with labels

Reading Free Choice of:

Twinkle online reading e-book of choice or Active learn book.

Or listen to a story Audible books


Or reading book of choice.



Reading: Activity 5

What is in a Cave Elf’s Knapsack?


Read the short poem, discuss it and plan ideas of your own


Activity 6 in the pack

Magpie useful words and openers

10.00- 11.00 English:

Vocabulary and sentences


Complete activity 1 from the booklet – Match the Vocabulary to its Definition

Then use the words in interesting sentences.






Write a descriptive paragraph about a Cave Elf’s home


Complete Activity 3 – Where do Cave Elves Live?


Write more than three sentences. Describe their home in detail. Get creative!

English: Writing

Design a Menu for a cave elf using Activity 4.

Get creative!


English: Create a poem


Ten Things Found in a Cave Elf’s Knapsack. Use lots of description and similes and metaphors please.


English: Activity 7

Read the boxed up version and consider ideas for your own paragraph

11.00- 11.15 Break– Go outside and get some fresh air, or try some activities from active classroom if it is raining.




Maths: Understand Percentages

Watch video-

Go to Lesson 1-

Week 8 on White Rose Website Y5



Then complete lesson 1 worksheet

Maths: Percentages and Fractions and Decimals

Watch video-

Go to Lesson 2-

Week 8 on White Rose Website Y5



Then complete lesson 2 worksheet





Maths: Adding Decimals with the same number of decimal places

Watch video-

Go to Lesson 3-

Week 8 on White Rose Website Y5



Then complete lesson 3 worksheet








Maths: Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places

Watch video- Go to Lesson 4-

Week 8 on White Rose Website Y5




Then complete lesson 4 worksheet






Maths: Go on Rockstars and Active learn today. Find percentages and decimals games.




12.15-1.15 Lunch
1.15-1.30 Reading for pleasure – Read a book or continue to listen to your audible book.
1.30 -2.30




5 –A-Day

Try some yoga/ Play outside/ create your own indoor exercise and fitness plan


Andy Goldsworthy –British Artist

Read the fact file about the artist Andy Goldsworthy then

Watch the video showing Andy Goldsworthy creating art using natural materials. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zh4wmp3

You could look at more of his work online.


Why are they temporary sculptures? What shapes have been used? What lines can they see? How has the artist used colour in his work? How do the sculptures make them feel? Which one do they like the most and why?

Then select an activity or from the land challenge cards to make your own sculpture.



Andy Goldsworthy –British Artist


Create a cave for an elf using natural materials that you have found outside in your garden or on a walk.


Remember that Andy Goldsworthy’s work is not always permanent.

You could record your work using a camera.



ART: Using Natural Materials


Read through Pebble Art activity sheet


Can you create a pebble that could be in an elf’s knapsack?


The pebble could be a sign for an elf’s home.







P.E – 5 –A-Day / Try some yoga / Play outside/ create your own indoor exercise and fitness plan




Numbers to 50

Revise counting numbers to 10. Then revise counting from 11 to 20. Use video Alain le Lait song:


Then count from in the following steps:

20 to 30; 30 to 40; 40 to 50;

Use the website Alain le Lait song to support counting:


Make a set of dominoes using the worksheet. You may need to stick the pieces on to card – use an old cereal box.

Golden Time

Treat this as Golden Time if your parents agree. You may now do an activity of your choice.



What is Shine?

Francis Brandywine diary. By Joshua

Saturday 20th September

Diar Diary

Finally , that day has come, the day when us four are all going to Quetico. I can’t wait, I’m so happy that I’m jumping with joy ! When we was packing up the supplies every thing was going smoothly. We set off on our yearly adventure , then it dawned on me something was missing … ADAM I screamed! Dad slammed on his breaks made a U turn. I said “can’t we just leave him there .” When we got Adam he put his head on my legs with his boney head,  he always  does that ,which is really annoying as it makes my legs go dead. It doesn’t help how mum and dad argue all the way there, it gives me a headache.

At last we arrived after the car of pain that is my nickname for the car. It’s the worst bit of the whole trip , well any way I helped mum with the tent because of her arm (or so she says )after we did the tent we did some kiyacing , exploring  and even got some fishing done. We met some fishermen dad tried to speak like them,  it was funny. They said the depth of the lake is 300ft in the centre but the best bit is the hot chocolate  and smor (marshmallows) but I can’t wait until my best friend comes tomorrow .

see you tomorrow

Francis x



Francis Brandywine Diary entry by David

Saturday 20th September

Dear Diary,

Finally, the big day has arrived and we’re off to Quetico Park for a fun filled weekend. He was really excited when he was organising the car. He was expected to set off from work so that we didn’t have to hold back, we approached Quetico on time for a change this morning. The car journey was the habitual bore- he and mum argued over directions (surely they’re supposed to know the way?) Adam,  always falls asleep on me, but what’s new there?

I framework the tent so that mum can rest her arm; it’s unmoving the sling and she can’t raise anything slightly heavy- or so she says! Haphazardly, we spent the day kayaking, fishing and tour the northern shores of the lake- we heard a gossip from a group of fishermen that the shallow part of the lake is 300ft deep! They called it the “dark water” and made it sound a bit creepy but I think it’s one of those stories that gets passed around for years and everyone changes it slightly.

See you tomorrow,


Short paragraph on shadow of blue by Leon

In a luscious green park,on the outskirts of Tokyo,a small pale girl sat contentedly and alone on an old rickety bench as she looked like she had just seen a ghost.Beside her lay a buck with pages emanating out of it.As a cascade of butterflies flew over her,a small smile masquerading the sadness deep in side.

Diary by grace

Saturday 20th September

Dear Diary

Finally, it was the day we go on a family trip to Quetico park for a exciting fun week! Dad was so joyful, he decided to set off straight from work (so we didn’t have to wait). On the journey which was boring as normal- mum and dad argued over the directions (how do they not know where to go after years of coming?) nothing new. Adam, being his normal self a  pain,falling asleep on me. It was annoying. What a surprise.

When we arrived, I had to set up the tent (mums arm was tired  she says)  Anyway,the rest of the day was more enjoyable, we did kayaking,fishing and explored the wild life. On the way three fisherman told us about the dark lake they said the deepest part of it was 300ft deep, people called it the ” dark waters” it sounded a bit creepy but it is probably one of the stories that get passed around for years and changed a bit.That night we all got around the fire and drank some hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows. Mine was the best!

In the morning, tomorrow, Cara, my best friend,  and her family will arrive. I am thrilled. Every one is asleep so I am going to get a row boat and row to the middle of the lake and do some star gazing- I stole one of my dads cigarette… Don’t tell!

See you tomorrow


shadow of blue

Suddenly I heard something I tip towed to where the sound was coming from. In front of me was a menicing black crow its feathers were as dark as a black hole and its was as terifing as a knife scraping across a rock it divied for me it was chasing me I chucked a rock at it but that just made it more angrie