Diary by grace

Saturday 20th September

Dear Diary

Finally, it was the day we go on a family trip to Quetico park for a exciting fun week! Dad was so joyful, he decided to set off straight from work (so we didn’t have to wait). On the journey which was boring as normal- mum and dad argued over the directions (how do they not know where to go after years of coming?) nothing new. Adam, being his normal self a  pain,falling asleep on me. It was annoying. What a surprise.

When we arrived, I had to set up the tent (mums arm was tired  she says)  Anyway,the rest of the day was more enjoyable, we did kayaking,fishing and explored the wild life. On the way three fisherman told us about the dark lake they said the deepest part of it was 300ft deep, people called it the ” dark waters” it sounded a bit creepy but it is probably one of the stories that get passed around for years and changed a bit.That night we all got around the fire and drank some hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows. Mine was the best!

In the morning, tomorrow, Cara, my best friend,  and her family will arrive. I am thrilled. Every one is asleep so I am going to get a row boat and row to the middle of the lake and do some star gazing- I stole one of my dads cigarette… Don’t tell!

See you tomorrow


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