Francis Brandywine Diary. By Jayden 6T

Saturday 2oth September                                                                                                                                                     Dear Diary,

                      Finally,the day has arrived! we are going on a family road trip to Quetico Park for an action packed weekend. Dad was thrilled whilst packing the car. He decided that we should set off straight after he got home from work so we could spend more time there. The car journey was the same every year, (Mum and Dad arguing over directions)and Adam (My brother ) being a very irritating pain making my arm dead where he fell asleep, Why can’t he just sleep normally.?  

When we got to Quetico, I helped Dad set up the tent because my Mum said her arm was still broken (But we all knew she was lying . )  Anyway we spent most of the day fishing and exploring the shores of the lake , we passed some fishermen who told us that the deepest part of the lake was 300ft deep and said they call it the ‘dark waters’ but I thought they made it up to scare people . Tonight Dad made a campfire, we had marshmallows and hotchocolate. 

Tommorow my friend Cara and her family arrive.I can’t wait to see her! It’s such a clear night, you can see all of the stars and everyone seemed to be asleep, so I took the the boat out to the middle of the lake to go and star gaze, I stole one of Dads cigarettes. Sssh don’t tell! 

See you Francis.

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