Francis Brandywine diary. By Joshua

Saturday 20th September

Diar Diary

Finally , that day has come, the day when us four are all going to Quetico. I can’t wait, I’m so happy that I’m jumping with joy ! When we was packing up the supplies every thing was going smoothly. We set off on our yearly adventure , then it dawned on me something was missing … ADAM I screamed! Dad slammed on his breaks made a U turn. I said “can’t we just leave him there .” When we got Adam he put his head on my legs with his boney head,  he always  does that ,which is really annoying as it makes my legs go dead. It doesn’t help how mum and dad argue all the way there, it gives me a headache.

At last we arrived after the car of pain that is my nickname for the car. It’s the worst bit of the whole trip , well any way I helped mum with the tent because of her arm (or so she says )after we did the tent we did some kiyacing , exploring  and even got some fishing done. We met some fishermen dad tried to speak like them,  it was funny. They said the depth of the lake is 300ft in the centre but the best bit is the hot chocolate  and smor (marshmallows) but I can’t wait until my best friend comes tomorrow .

see you tomorrow

Francis x



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