Francis Brandywine diary by

Dear diary

Finally the big weekend has arrived, me and my family have just set off, as usual mum and dad are arguing over little things like which way to go and Joe (my brother) was really irritating as usual. After 4 hours of listing to mum and dad wine we finally arrived!! I helped set up the tent so that mum could rest her arm. We spent the rest of the day kayaking, fishing, and just exploring, we did also come across 2 fisher men which told us that the deepest  part of the lake was 300ft deep! They called it the “dark water”, personally I think it sounds a bit creepy. But I do think it is one of those story wich gets changed a lot throughout the years. That night we spent most of the evening drinking hot choclate  and roasting marshmallows, mine were 100 times better than my brothers ofc.

Tomorow, Tom and his family arrive, I just can’t wait!!! It’s such a nice night tonight, everyone seems to be snoring away, so I’m going to row out to the the lake and star gaze – I even stole one of dads cigarettes… don’t tell anyone tho haha!


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