Francis Brandywine Diary entry by David

Saturday 20th September

Dear Diary,

Finally, the big day has arrived and we’re off to Quetico Park for a fun filled weekend. He was really excited when he was organising the car. He was expected to set off from work so that we didn’t have to hold back, we approached Quetico on time for a change this morning. The car journey was the habitual bore- he and mum argued over directions (surely they’re supposed to know the way?) Adam,  always falls asleep on me, but what’s new there?

I framework the tent so that mum can rest her arm; it’s unmoving the sling and she can’t raise anything slightly heavy- or so she says! Haphazardly, we spent the day kayaking, fishing and tour the northern shores of the lake- we heard a gossip from a group of fishermen that the shallow part of the lake is 300ft deep! They called it the “dark water” and made it sound a bit creepy but I think it’s one of those stories that gets passed around for years and everyone changes it slightly.

See you tomorrow,


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