Francis Brandywine Diary Entry by Honey

Saturday 20th September

Dear Diary,

Finally, the day I have been waiting for has come, where we go to Quetico. We were so thrilled when dad was packing the car. He came right home from work so we didn’t delay. We arrived at Quetico on time, which makes a difference. The car journey was a typical bore- mum and dad were quarrelling over directions ( how do they always forget the way after all these years?) and my brother Adam, who kept relaxing on my shoulder, was being irritating.


I accompanied my mum to help set up the tent. I say help, I am the one that did it all. Mum’s arm is still in the sling, she said she can’t lift anything remotely heavy- but she can lift a mug of coffee. Anyway, we spent the day kayaking, fishing and adventuring the northern shores of the lake, we heard a story from a class of fishermen, they said the deepest section of the lake is 300ft deep! They named it the ‘ dark waters’ and made it sound a bit sinister but I assume it’s one of those stories that gets passed around for years and people change it a little. Tonight we lit a camp fire and drank some hot chocolate and roasted some marshmallows.


Tomorrow, Cara and her family visit! I can’t wait! It’s such a free night and everyone seems to be fast asleep. I am going to row the boat to a peaceful spot to star gaze- I even took one of dad’s cigarettes- Shh! Don’t tell anyone.

See you tomorrow,


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