Francis Diary entry by Bluebelle

Saturday 20th of September.

Dear Diary,

At last,the big day has finally arrived and we are going on a road trip to Quentico Park for a fantastic fun filled weekend…We were on the car journey for ages because Dad took two wrong turns!(Typical Dad)Mum told Dad where to go but he didn’t listen (how does Dad keep getting lost after all these years?)

I helped set up the tent for Mum because apparently her arm was about to fall off because it was still in a sling ,huh yeah right.Anyway,we spent the fantastic day kayaking,fishing and obviously exploring the shallow shores of the lake. We came across a group of three fishermen and they told us to beware of the ‘dark sea’it is supposedly 300ft deep!It sounds a little creepy but I think it’s just one of those stories that gets changed every few years ,but I’m not scared of some myth ,as if!Tonight, we spent the evening around the crackling campfire, drinking boiling, hot chocolate ,like we do every year,and toasting marshmallows-mine were way better than Adam’s -can he do anything right?

Tomorrow,Cara and her wonderful family are arriving .I can’t wait!I can’t see a single cloud in the sky and everyone is asleep ,(Adam is snoring)so I am going to row out in the row boat and star gaze in the middle of the lake-I even stole one of Dads cigarettes…Shhh!Dont get me in trouble!

See you tomorrow,

Francis xxxxx


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