F-Freak Poem by Jacqueline



The rain dropped down from,

The perched window side,

As the boy sat on a rickety old wooden chair.


Happy Birthday ,he says

Make a wish ,he says

But only if he knew how hard it is

This face.

This job.

This odd talent wasted.

I’m craving my freedom!

I demand to live my life!

I wish to be a human!

I value much more.

But I’m here trapped,

I’m here, here in this abyss hole,

Like the animals hurt and broken.

I snap back,

And blow out the candles.

The flame vanished.

Is this it?

Is this how I’m going to continue to live?

Is this how I’m going to be –  forever lonely?

I hope one day,

They will realize that,

I’m more than just a-a,


One day I’ll carve a path for myself as beautiful as the wooden figures I create.

But for now… the show must go on.

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