Little Freak By Layla



Torrents of rain banged against the windows of the caravan,

A heart-breaking,painful life I am living,

Wind dances and twirls in side of my head,

Happy birthday he says,

Make a wish he says,

If only he knew…

My face.

My job.

To show my talent.

A new sweater, perhaps…

To be one of them,

Am I so much more?

I can show them,

But can I really?

I am trapped in in this darkened life,

Like the tigers we travel with-

Caged and broken…

I inhale once more,

I blew out the candle,

The flame was extinguished like my life…

Is that it?

Will I ever change?

I’m worth so much more,

I’m not a freak!

One day i will carve my own path out,

like I do with my beautiful carvings,

But for now the show must go on…

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