Little Freak Poem By Jessica 6L

Pitter- patter

Pitter- patter

Rain hammered down against the walls of my old rickety caravan,

A sad reminder of the life I’m living ,

The life I’m desperately trying to escape ,


Happy Birthday he says ,

Make a wish he says ,

His voice was a cup half full

That echoed through my head ,

Again ,

And Again


This face ,

This job ,

I have a talent

That no one will ever see ,

As I’m trapped  like a lion ,

I want to be free ,


I hid my despair as I blew out the candle,

The flame vanished like my chance of escaping this life ,

Will I ever be free ?


I will show them one day ,

When I make my own way in life,

And they will finally see,

That I’m more than a freak,

But for now … the show must go on .

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