The Poem of the Little Freak by Leon.



Rain hammers the poor window pains,

Our old caravan being beaten by the wind,

A miserable reminder of my life.

Wind thrashed backwards and forwards like my head.

Happy birthday he says.

Make a wish he says.

If he could go deeper.

This job,

This life,

This this face.

A wasted talent,


I want to be free,

I am more.

But my ways of life are trapped.

I’m like a lion trapped in a cage.

Is this my life?

I inhale,

Blew the candle out,

The flame gone – like my heart.

Is this it?


I am more,

Than a freak?

I have a life,

One day I will live.

I will be free.

One day.

But for now…The show must go on.

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