This dramatic story isn’t over, it started when this minionulative film director, Carl Denham, who is known for his crazy but good films.

Ann Darrow was caught into one of his compelling traps were she gladly walked into.  With  Denham sweet talk she fell head first in the death it trip if to SKULL ISLAND… The face of beauty (Darrow) selflessly woke up on a boat the wanderer to see boxes with shiny bows. She was in a life of luxury. Darrow turned around when she saw the most handsomest and cutest man ever.

King Kong’s Freedom

My first favourite character  is King Kong because he’s big,strong,very caring,has sharp teeth and he’s an ape.

My second favourite character is Denham because he’s an amazing movie maker and he captured Kong and because he adventured for his star.

King Kong by Evie thomson


The peoples break from life with Evie Thomson!

60 feet up and 6 feet under


An ugly battle between humanity and an inhuman beast.

Last night at approximately 3:00am,Central New York was a scene of mayhem and dread as a physcotic rampaging beasts ravaged the whole vicinity encircling him. The beast instilled fear in the minds of innocent citizens that called nyc their home. Here at the NEW YORK BIG SPILL we only give 100 percent true facts never any made up nonsense. As of yesterday when the havoc reeked we were informed that this debarcle proceeded 6 months ago, when manipulative film director Carl Denham yes the maker of Zombie border, die town and the tree man lured unsuspecting would-be actress Ann Darrow into his trap that seemed like luxury,fame,fortune so the whole HOLLYWOOD  

Package they borded the neglected ship called the wanderer First mate Jack Driscoll fell in love with victim Ann Darrow



The End Of New York…

Breaking News! Disaster falls in New York City. Huge gorilla stomps through New York destroying everything in his path.Bystanders describe him as King Kong.Here we see the fearless beast holding what appears to be a woman in terror.What is he going to do to her…Update!The Navy are on their way to fight the beast.A young man by the name of Jack  Driscoll is trying to save her.Everyone is running and screaming in terror.Streets were flooded;Everyone’s trying to find shelter.As kong is nibbling the apple while making his ascent up the Empire State Building ready to take a big bite out of the apple.His monstrous shadow engulfing the fearful city.

King Kong

Breaking news! Disaster falls in New York City a giant gorilla roamed the streets of New York City . Late last night at about 2 am a disaster struck in New York, it was a scream of blood and fear moreover an astonishing, great ,blood thirsty beast commonly known as King Kong. He’s the deman that killed over 1000 innocent adults and children. He tried to make an excape route by climbing up the Empire State Building but he wasn’t so lucky…