Lockdown 2020 by Evie 6T


These past few months me and my mum have been doing some work and taking care of our rabbits!




noah,bart and jethro are neverland dwarfs which means they love the cold!

anyway we did an experiment at the beach at our holiday home when restrictions were eased to see how far down we could dig and it turns out i won i dug 1 feet and after about 5 buckets full I ended up seeing black wet slimy sand and it was quite a change from the soft silky sand on the surface I got black slime gritty sand all over me!

it wasnt plesant at all in the end we had a pick nick and ate some ice cream but the best part comes next! My friend James Storan came for a week! and his whole family James Storan is also in my class I have known him since nursery..

his little brother was being really funny and silly so was his entire household!! and also we went the beach again but it wasnt the one i went to it was called abergelly its in wales me and my mum always make fun of the name saying it should be called have a jelly haha! anyway i had a kinder bueno ice cream on a waffle cone!

thats all bye!

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