Emily’s story

When Leah and her dad stopped crying, Leah’s dad said “Remember the shops day?” as dad sniffled the air “yes daddy!” sighed Leah. “Bye bye! Sorry! Cried dad. “It’s ok you didn’t know,” said Leah sniffing the air. As they finished there conversation, the train sounded it’s whistle Leah went in, and waved her hand. Good bye as she went inside someone gave her a card which had a number saying 2752 so she found it, it had a door and two windows beside it and two seats with a person she looked, worried for some reason she said “Don’t be afraid child” said the old lady so she sat down and asked her a few questions, when they got there she said “ok darling let’s go in” said the old lady WOW!! She thought “ It’s amazing! I love it! Said Leah excitedly. The lady introduced her to her new carer Mary Margret she looked pretty with a short haircut and it was black, a bit like Snow White! Mary Margret showed her to her new room in the basement. With two children one a boy and one a girl, the girl was called Emma and the boy was called Henri. Turns out they were brother and sister but Emma was the oldest.

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