millie’s story

Rabail saw her mum and mum saw it was true love and Frankie came with mum and said we are living with your cousin Tilly and dad is coming with us yay yay yay I am so happy whats dads name clayton oh ok yay then dad called mum and said there is a dog in the home with no dog coller mum said oh no we saw that dog when we left ok what do I do with the dog boy muwe have cat food from the old laddy acrosse the roud why said dad I don’t realy no why she eherjust thinks that we have a cat dad said ok doggy come here good bye the way is it a girl or a boy mu said girl oh ok bye mum said bye Rabail said a dog oh no remember last time with dad uhhh we are whating for the carriage to come it is here sweety okkkkkkkkkkk were here at home sweet home yay the town was clean Rabail said wow the home is clean finaly no boms the boms are gone yay

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