The arrival

My dear, darling family

at last I’ve reached my destination. It was long and ordous. The ship swallowed my being like a black hole consuming my spirit into its void. Everywhere I turned I was bombarded by anonymous people. Their faces were blank and dull with saddnes, their soles were slowley but surely fading away with sorrow.


By Angelos

The arrival

At last I have arrived at my destination. The ship was terrible as peoples dirty , vile bodies whose stench pervaded the ships awful airways.The vessel was absorbing my happiness . My stomach was telling me to turn back  but I know that I was getting closer. I was very close and I saw the  city and I knew at first glimpse this was my destiny.

The Arrival Letter

 Apartment A912

Housewell grove

Conglomeration city

9th December 1911

HG2  CC41

Dear my darling family,

At last I have finally reached my destination.

The journey was long and monotonous,the ship swallowed my being lia deep whirlpool sucking the water into a void like abyss.Everywhere I turned ,I was bombarded with anonymous people;their faces slowly but surely fading away with sorrow. The conditions on the boat were in humane, everybody was clustered together nobody could have a wash so it smelt vile.The dirty and unclean faces filled the boat and children whined because they were squashed.If there was any families there they would of been separated…

Article written by Emily 6T

The Arrival

My dear , darling family

At last , I have the opportunity to write.The vessel was terrible ;dirty bodies all cooped up like chickens , losing their identity. The ship was absorbing my spirit . It was full of a vile odour… It was mortifying. Eventually we were freed . I should have been happy but had a knot in my stomach. I deterred it because I needed money for you guys . I saw the city and was awestruck – it was beautiful. I scavenged for a house and job. Eventually, I got a flat which contained a creature which was white and looked like a whale bred with a chameleon which followed me like a snake after finding a mouse and I think it’s my sorrow being carried with me. I’ve got a job in a factory and made a new friend called Jim who invited me round to his house for tea , I’m back now and he has a wife , Marilyn, and a child . We all would like each other . Everything is great , business is booming , apart from you not being here

All the love in the world ,


The Arrival

My dear darling family

At last,I have finally got to my destination. The ship was rocking up and down like a see saw. The journey was far and tires. The essence was getting sucked out of me. The conditions were foul and inhumane. I could barley breathe, I was packed in tight. The smell was nauseating ; the odour of human bodies was putrid. As glad I was to be out of that place, something didn’t feel right.

By brooke



Autumn term Shine at Corrie

Here is a glance at some of the amazing work we have been up to in reception. We have been focusing on different stories and songs each week to enhance maths through language. We have had lots of fun acting them out and practicing different maths skills through fun activities. The children have also enjoyed taking some of these packs home each week to enjoy with their parents and carers.

The stories and songs we have looked at so far include:

  1. The very hungry caterpillar
  2. Cluck o’clock
  3. How long is a whale
  4. 10 tiny tadpoles
  5. 5 currant buns
  6. 5 little men

The Arrival

The part of the fake letter I wrote is “At last, I have finally arrived to my destination. The people on the ship smelled of mouldy cod, the sea smelt like rotten salt. The journey was monotonous and scary. We pushed and shoved each other, trying to get through. It was downright boring. Everyone pushed me. The boat’s conditions were inhumaine. Everyone was dirty and greasy. I disembarked the boat and got a health check. It was boring but I was healthy.



The arrival 📜🕯🕰🕸🦇🌪

Dear Ruth and Dalia ,

At long last, I have finally reached my destination.

It has been a terribly long time since we last exchanged letters; I was only just offered that job at the factory, though it doesn’t suit my advanced engineering skills and it is very monotonous but it is my only source of money… The journey on the vessel was soul monopolising – everyone their had identity stolen by the appalling conditions.