The arrival. boat disembarking boat. Logan watt

The arrival

Everyone disembarked the boat sluggishly and extremely monotonously and without any joy in the light of their glum eyes. The people overtime had became the exact same in personality and their was no difference between them and all looked glum and grim. They were cold and walked laboriously into the mystic unknown. You wouldn’t even know who is who and where their from. They were changed by time and the vile of stench of water filled their weak lungs hurting the last of their essence. It was unknown to wether they had any memory of their old life and their precious family. And there was nothing great about them. Who knows what will happen whether they will find that yourself or whether they will suffer in the knowledge of no they have lost who they truly were. Will they get out of this place or will they fall in agony, pure agony. What will happen to their true soul.Will they get out of the way they are or will they stay the same for the rest of eternity. 

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