The arrival Logan watt

Swooping gracefully, the calm white birds filled the dark night sky, covering the smoke and buildings causing the city to look more graceful and enhanced with a mystical sight. I saw a angel which held the egg of the city and guarded it from anyone who dares to try and destroy its mystic essence. There is lots of powerful architecture causing your eyes to burst. I had not seen anything like this in the time of being alive. I saw a boat nearby a road and it it looked as if it was floating. My eyes almost popped when I saw how the symbols matched the ones on the stickers I was gave at the health check. I didn’t know it at first but there was extra-terrestrials dashing around the adhesive city. Was this a fantasy or was this real life I thought. The clouds looked as cosy as wool. The houses were shapes that I did not now of which changed my thought of the place which I shall call my home. I could not believe what I was seeing it was like a fantasy but in real life. I wish we all were here.

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