The Arrival letter 1

  Apartment A912

Houswell grove

Conglomerated city

9th December 1911


dear darling family,

At long last I have finally reached my destination. Without you I am aching with separation. All I want is you and my darling daughter. When I first arrived, I thought that this place would be quite glum but I’ve adapted to my surroundings and it is not all bad. Although it wasn’t easy to do, I found a job and food is doing well. I think I will take the job at the factory,  as money is scarce. I have also found an apartment, which is doing quite well for me. You not being here is making me feel forlorn. I’ve had 6 months on a ship without you and now all this  time in the city without you. Please come. I have also met a family that have helped me through. Also, I don’t mean to startle you but I have been seeing a little white creature following me. Of course it is only my imagination but I am thinking that it is my sorrow following me around in its own way.

Please reply promptly,

love from Jack

Article written by Maicie 6T

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