The arrival letter

Apartment A912

Housewell Grove

Congronation City

9th December 1911


Day 5 letter 5

Dear my beloved family, this is going to be a short letter but I just wanted you to know that I love you lots and my job’s getting really good because I got a promotion and I’ll be getting £150 a day, so please can you come – I’ll really appreciate it. If you want you can visit sometimes with Katie and if you stay we can buy a house and Katie will have her own room and you can have a flower bed, so you can plant roses and daisies and whilst you’re planting , Katie can be playing on the swing we’ll buy for her. If you want a job, I’ve found a person who’s hiring a hairdresser and I know you love creating hair styles. That’s it for today I love you lots and I’ll be in contact. Love from Bill. Xoxo

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