The Arrival

My dear , darling family

At last , I have the opportunity to write.The vessel was terrible ;dirty bodies all cooped up like chickens , losing their identity. The ship was absorbing my spirit . It was full of a vile odour… It was mortifying. Eventually we were freed . I should have been happy but had a knot in my stomach. I deterred it because I needed money for you guys . I saw the city and was awestruck – it was beautiful. I scavenged for a house and job. Eventually, I got a flat which contained a creature which was white and looked like a whale bred with a chameleon which followed me like a snake after finding a mouse and I think it’s my sorrow being carried with me. I’ve got a job in a factory and made a new friend called Jim who invited me round to his house for tea , I’m back now and he has a wife , Marilyn, and a child . We all would like each other . Everything is great , business is booming , apart from you not being here

All the love in the world ,


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