William Beech’s Diary

13th september 1940

Dear Diary

today has been the best day of my short(ish) life , war arose so i’m now an evac .

I just met Mr Tom and he scares me but also inspires me to be strong just like him.


The bed terrified me but Mr Tom assured me It’s not for dead since my mother told me it was

I was petrified when Mr Tom used a poker in the fire since i knew i hadn’t gone to school but it would hurt more than a belt and ended up fainting

I eventually felt happier and safer in Little Weirworld because I escaped the clutches of my evil mother

Your friend , William

Willies diary entry 1

13th september 1939


Dear Diary,


Yesterday, ten days into WWII I was evacuated to the countryside. I am petrified. My essential belongings are on the train with me. I am close to the small town I’m going to live in for a little bit till the war is over. I have arrived…


A man called Mr Tom took me in. I am so embarrassed; I was the last one there. Mr Tom is a very braught man. I’m quite scared of him or anxious.


I got my own room which is good . I feel excited,overwhelmed and shocked. I don’t know what to do. 


In the evening, Tom started to stoke the fire with the poker. I ended up fainting. I had a dayshavoo. I thought I was going to die because I thought I was going to be hit with the poker.

Last night was the first night. I felt sense of care from the man i feared the most


Willie xx  

Diary of Willie evacuee

13 September 1939

Dear Diary,


Today was the worst day of my life,war has just been declared around the world. WERE ALL GONNA DIE! Ok, I’m over exaggerating but I have just got evacuated to the countryside and I’m quite nervous. Although I don’t get to see my mum which is good at the same time scary because I don’t know these people. The train took me to a little village, a knot inside my tummy was tightening, trying to kill me. My small intestine was skwishing making it hard for me to breathe. I was about to burst. The suspense made me sweat, I was dripping like a tap. The silence in the solemn train was deafening. But finally i was here… 


A tall man with grey dust hair was standing in front  of the cottage. He is the man who is taking care of me. I was very anxious and bewildered. I walked into this breezy room and a shiver went down my back. OMG, I had bacon for the first time it’s delicious. I can’t believe it. 


I have my own room and a bed for the first time. I’m overwhelmed with excitement it’s so nice of him but I’m kinda scared because my mum always told me that a bed is for dead people which I believe.


It’s been a week now and i’m not dead and Tom my carer is really kind and sweet i would love to live here his the kindest person i have ever met.  

bye Faith 6T

Goodnight Mr. Tom diary entry

30th December 1943


On this day, I moved to a random person’s house. I don’t know what he’s like so i might as well just stay away from him until I find out he is nice enough. I already had a mean mum. I don’t want a mean father. He seemed strict. But maybe he’s kind. He doesn’t look it though… 


He says his name is Tom. He has a weird accent. I can tell he wasn’t born here, as the man towered over me and the officer. The male was tall, and he was scary. He also looked wise.


-Made by Temi Stanley.

Diary Entry written by Maicie Robinson.

Dear Diary,

Today is the day. The day where I say my goodbyes to my mother, London and  practically my whole life so far.

First of all, I think it is for the best as lately there has been a lot of attacks and I don’t really feel safe any more. I am now packing my luggage ready for the day ahead. I felt a small wave of excitement flow through me. I had so many mixed emotions I didn’t know what to feel. I had a nice feeling of starting a new life without my mother but then at the same time I felt worried  and didn’t know who to trust as i had never met the people that were here. I was also worried that they would be like mother and mistreat me.

Then,  I felt like I  had a 1 in a million chance of getting picked to live with someone nice as lots of the posh children were wearing their best outfits and I was standing there in old , dirty rags with holes in them.


Eventually, the time came where adults were collecting their child/children of their choice and the smiles on their faces as they were leaving was amazing. If only I could smile like that. Instead I stood their forlorn and mortified that no one had chosen me, what was I expecting though. Then i saw a shadowy figure peer over me and then he said to my billeting officer ” I would like this child please.”

It was the best moment of my life and it only took those words to put a smile on my face. As I saw his aesthetic I thought the worst of him but i took the opportunity to turn my life around and this was just the beginning. I could see a great future ahead.


Willie’s diary entry



Dear diary

Today has been very traumatic. I have been sent to an old, gloomy house in the countryside owned by a man called Mr Tom, who is looking after me. I’m very nervous tense and scared because I’m only a small, little boy. My mum wasn’t very nice to me so that’s a bit of a relief for me.


Mr Tom is very nice. He doesn’t hit me or hurt me at all. He treated me with a comic and some clothes and even a lollipop even when I’ve done nothing. My life is very nice gratifying and I don’t want it to change. My mother probably doesn’t care because she always thought I was a nuisance